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Summer Festivals 2003


Belgium is a Festival country. I believe it helped transform our country from a slightly conservative and closed one to the resolutely modern, progressive, self-assured country it is today. 

Welcome to the art and science of  joie de vivre.


The photographers' selection    



Couleur Café    

Brussels, Thurn & Taxis, 27 - 29 June 2003

A festival with a unique character. The strongest third world vibe. A surreal urban setting. Remarkable art exhibitions. The most gastronomic festival. In all, Brussels at its best.


Dranouter Folk Festival    

Dranouter, 31 July - 3 August 2003

A four day outing for the youth of a whole province. West Flanders aged 15 to 25 camps out in large groups in one of the most scenic places of the country, while listening to the widest variety of music, drinking and having fun.


Afro-Carribean Festival    

Bredene, 16 August 2003

If Fernand doesn't come to the festival, then let the festival come to Fernand. That's why african dance music is finding its way to the Belgian coastal villages.



Leuven, 13-15 August 2003

Yet another Medieval city that transforms itself into an immense party, to the pleasure and enjoyment of youth and adults alike. 


Gentse Feesten    

Ghent, 19-28 July 2003

In the historic center of one of the most beautiful cities of Europe: 

Ten mad days of world music, techno, jazz, rock, street theatre, puppet theatre, wild partying and drinking until 9 AM, dedicated public service volunteers, cover bands, folk music, political debate, ... name it.  

An unbelievable event.



Boechout, 24-27 July 2003

Sfinks is the festival of all mothers. From the most tender age on kids learn here to enjoy novelty and different, colourful people. And they see their parents have a great time getting mildly drunk and/or stoned while listening to musicians they never heard of from all over the world.

A highly pedagogical event. 



Belgium Rhythm & Blues Festival    

Peer, 18-20 July 2003

I believe everyone has his favourite groove. Mine is the blues: a simple chord change, repeated over and over again, but each time in a different intonation and rhythm. Fantastic life dance music.

I camp out with the same gang in the same private garden, spend the same drunken night in the village, share a hours long breakfast session in one of the cafés. Traditions as these are to be cherised.


Cactus Festival    

Bruges, 11-13 July 2003

A hotel owner sued this festival. He must be the saddest person on earth.



Graspop Metal Meeting    

Dessel, 4 & 5 July 2003

Test you knowledge of the Metal scene. Which of the following bands did not perform on Graspop: Oceans Of Sadness, Sick Of It All, Anthrax, Six Feet Under, Hatebreed, Arch Enemy, KC and the Sunshine Band.

Don't get it wrong; the huge mass of attendees may dress in black and get a kick out of strange paraphenalia and depressing slogans, they're just as fun loving as any other festival crowd.



Polé Pole    

Antwerp Linkeroever, 4 -7 July 2003

Polé Polé resembles a traveling circus. The tents and decoration create an ideal location to hold a tropical party. It is the most colourfully lighted festival. Pick your tent and breed of music, enjoy the musicians and cocktails, and have a wild party.